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  • “Jah Man” Rises Again!
      Jah Man on Sister Superior, pre-rockfall.Photo: Duane Raleigh. Well that didn't take long: Earlier this week Rock and Ice reported that the classic desert route Jah Man was no more following a major rockfall event, and now it seems a quartet of industrious Moab locals have already gone and resurrected it! On January 3, a massive […]
  • John Long: Impossible Moments
    In 1923, during a publicity tour for his trip to the Himalaya, a New York Times reporter asked British mountaineer George Mallory why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, and he famously replied, “Because it’s there.” For going on a century, this spontaneous reply has echoed through Western culture and is […]
  • Weekend Whipper: Bat-S#!% Crazy
    Trevor Lynch was trying to onsight Kiddie Table, a 5.11d at Denny Cove, Tennessee, when he had a batshit crazy experience - literally. Lynch told Rock and Ice, "The first three bolts were pretty stout so I figured I could get a quick shake out on the giant undercling at bolt 4...until I heard a […]
  • Changing Leads
      Praise the world to the angel, not what can’t be talked about. . . . Tell him about things. He’ll stand amazed, just as you did beside the ropemaker in Rome or the potter on the Nile. --- "Duino Elegies," Rainer Marie Rilke   Tristan, my 17-year-old with brown hair beneath his blue helmet and […]

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