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  • An Apology From the Publisher
    I am writing to apologize on several fronts, and to thank the readers who took the time to contact Rock and Ice and me personally. Your thoughtful feedback has led to profound reflection on my leadership of this magazine and my origins and actions as a climber. I approved the publication of last week’s op-ed, Between […]
  • The North Face presents: Towers Of Tigray
    An old world steeped in climbing history. A new adventure as seen through a child’s eyes. Towers Of Tigray follows James Pearson and Caro Ciavaldini and their young son Arthur to the giant walls and ancient routes of Ethiopia’s Tigray region, where priests and worshippers have scaled sun-scorched towers to reach their secret and sacred […]
  • Older, Wiser, Stronger!
      You’re in your late 40s, 50s or 60s, keen as ever to crank, and unsure of whether to focus on strength or endurance. Your only certainty is that you want to avoid injury. Over 50s, don’t sell your hangboards. The picture is extremely optimistic, especially for doing steep, hard sport climbs. Take it from […]
  • “Kraftio” (5.14c/d) – First Ascent by Anak Verhoeven [Uncut Footage]
    Anak Verhoeven gave more info about her first ascent on Instagram: When you read it out loud, it sounds like ‘Graftiaux’. Chloé Graftiaux was a Belgian climber who died in the mountains almost 10 years ago. 
She was 23 years old when she died, which is my age now. The name of this route is […]

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