Five Home Workouts From Five Female Pros

Fend off cabin fever with these five workout routines you can do from home.


Everything from the NBA season to the Olympics have been postponed due to coronavirus, but your summer bod doesn’t have to be. Here’s a core workout from top Swiss athlete Petra Klinlger, who was among the fist crop of athletes to qualify for Tokyo 2020.


For balance and tension strength, pro climber Nina Williams has you covered. “Do them slow,” she says.

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A few weeks ago, @samsaramtnexperience shared some exercises that focus on balance, body tension, and form. All you need is a flat surface and a bit of space. These videos were taken before all the recent (and necessary!) gym closures, but they’re great for those with cooped-up cabin fever 😉 Check out @samsaramtnexperience’s page for FREE access to one of his full workouts, using code ‘c19free’ 🤗🤗 . A few general notes for these videos: really press into the ground with your hands and feet. Keep your heels off the ground. Don’t compensate with your shoulders; flex your whole body. Tight core! . Most important: do them slow. Do them well. Do them for your body, your mind. Do them for your sanity. Do them for yourself, in the interests of others. Take deep breaths. One step, one day at a time 💛💛 You got this. I believe in you, and in all of us.

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Here’a full body workout from pro climber Sierra Blair-Coyle. All you need is a bit of floor space.


This is another full body workout, from Canadian comp climber Becca Frangos. Frangos recently placed fifth at the 2020 Pan-American Championships. Her workout uses some equipment, like a bar, bands and weights, however the weights could be omitted.


Pro climber Alex Puccio offers a hangboarding routine. Puccio is an 11-time National Bouldering Champion and has won two Bouldering World Cups.

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HERE IT IS!!! ✌️ 2 handed finger board program at home with @robinoleary and myself! 😄 2-handed max hangs 1.)Warm-up: Pulse raiser 20 star jumps 20 mountain climbers (10 straight, 10 twists) 8 squat jumps X 3 sets 2.) Band work: 10-15 cross body 10-15 straight 10-15 side arm raises Rotator cuff: 10 side rotations, 10 vertical 2.) Scapular pull-ups 8-10 focusing on isolating the shoulder blades. Slow movement and good range of motion. 3.) Board warm-up: Pull-ups or eccentrics 8-10 reps 4.) Progressive hangs: 2 seconds 5 seconds 10 seconds Then… Drop the rung size 35mm 20mm 15mm 10mm Etc. 5.) Grip position: 1/2 crimp is the chosen grip to train for max strength. It's good adding a set for both open handed and full-crimp. 6. ) Hangboard session No1: Size of rung: Drop until you find the rung size that you just hold for 5 seconds, maintaining form in shoulders and fingers. 6 sets with 1-2 min rests between. 7.) Hangboard No. 2: Added weight on a larger rung. 20mm or 15mm. 1/2 crimp, shoulders engaged. 5 second hangs. Build up to find your max weight. 2 mins rests 6 sets 8.) Cool down with 2 sets of 8 rep wrist curls and stretch the same as we did to warm up (up to 1 min holds though) Note that: The body adapts, so try to keep it guessing by switching protocol every 6 weeks or so. 1.) Weight added on a 20mm 2.) Drop size of rung and no weight 3.) Same as first phase but on a smaller rung 4.) One-arm hangs (for example). Filming this later this week. @scarpana @frictionlabs @organicclimbing @robinoleary

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  • Dave Meyer

    Thanks for sharing to help us all stay sane. All in this together (6 feet apart.)

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