Friday Feat: Arêtes Only!

When the wall has been stripped, try the corners.


Mia Rabe, 11, has been climbing ever since she can remember.

“I always have the challenge to get to the top and that gives me a lot of motivation,” she wrote Gym Climber. Naturally, climbing a stripped pillar was an intriguing challenge for the young crusher. 

“I wanted to see if I could make it to the top,” she wrote. “First, I thought I could not get up. But, as you should never just think, you should always just try, I made it quite quickly to the top.”

Mia has been training on Louis Parkinson’s Catalyst Creatures youth team in London. She also has three siblings, also climbers, to train with. She added: “Even my hamster and our bunnies are climbers, only our fish don’t do any vertical sports. So together, with my parents, we are a big climbing family!”

She loves competing. And when she grows up, she wants to be a pediatrician. “I really enjoy learning about body, body movements as I see that there are not many doctors specialists for high-level athletic children. And, sure, I want to be one of the best boulderers.” Mia is also looking forward to growing: “So I can reach better!!!” Luckily, for climbing this wall, height was not an issue.

Happy Friday!



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