Friday Feat: Dog Bouldering


Dogs can boulder, too—just takes a little leg power and perseverance. Happy Black Friday everyone!


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When I first started real estate investing my goal was to earn $3,000 a month consistently so I could quit my job as a bookkeeper and do real estate full time. . This is in 2003 and back then…$3,000 was a ton of money to me. And more than the money…the goal represented my ability to work for myself and control my time. It was such a BIG goal at the time especially because up until this point I had never actually done a real estate deal. . I would visualize walking into my bosses office and quitting that job Jerry Maguire style. The feeling of control, power, and swagger I would embody. How I would look him in the eyes & yell "I QUIT". I would role play how I would say it over and over in my head with each version becoming more awesome than the last. Before I knew it I was Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator…no…Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport. 👊 . So I worked around the clock to make this goal happen. I bought every real estate course under the sun & studied around the clock. I went to every bootcamp and seminar I could find. I hired a mentor. I networked with every real estate agent, investor, and wholesaler in town. I got a list of all the houses scheduled to go to foreclosure within the next few weeks and went and knocked on all their doors. I sent out postcards…I put out bandit signs…I told everyone that would listen what I did. I ate, breathed, & slept real estate investing for months and months and months. What started as a "goal" became an "obsession". It was the ONLY thing I could think about. The ONLY thing I could talk about. The ONLY thing I cared about. I gave up hanging out with friends. I avoided negative small-minded people and even some family members that hated on my dreams. . And then one day it happened. I landed my first HUGE wholesale deal that paid me over $20,000 and all that hard work and sacrifice became worth it. It became real. I achieved my goal and I quit my job that day. And even though I did it less like Van Damme & more like Steve Urkel the feeling was amazing. 😁 Now my 2018 goal has less to do with money and more to do with influencing others. Giving back and helping you have your own "quit your job" moment!

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