Friday Feat: Water Bottle Splits Challenge


Never to be seen without a massive smile, Allison Vest is a climber you can’t keep down, even when water is spilling down her shirt. She’s outgoing, persistent and strong as sh*t. Vest was the 2018 Canadian National Bouldering Champion and has recently put down Terminator (V13). According to her Black Diamond profile, Vest can also recite all of the elements of the periodic table.



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  • WoodchuckATC

    geez,,,! Problem #1 I can’t balance on one foot. 2) can’t flex that much 3) can’t hold a bottle with my smelly toes and busted off old frost bitten toe nails 4) would surely miss my mouth by a yard if I tried to pour it from up there. Guessing this is one comp where the female participation and success will out number the guys by,,oh, like 90%. Impressive !

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