Friday Feat: Front Lever Pull-Ups


Hyunbin Min, from Seoul, South Korea, was a regular on the World Cup stage from 2005 to 2018. Min is a four time Asian Champion, the winner of the 2012 Mokpo Lead World Cup and has climbed 9a+(5.15a). Although he no longer competes, Min still trains for outdoor projects.

In this video, Min takes the already hard front lever to a new extreme with the addition of 12 pull-ups. “One hand someday,” he said on Instagram.

For those wishing to try a front lever but want modifications, start by hanging in a ball position while maintaining a flat back. If you can easily hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds, try extending one leg. Hold this for three sets, 20 seconds each, while focusing on maintaining your breath. When that position becomes easy, try extending the second leg in a “V” position relative to the first extended leg. Again, do three sets, each for 20 seconds.

Happy Friday!


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