Friday Feat: Side Levers


Hyunbin Min, 30, demonstrates a variation of a side lever. “It works the side-body core and strength,” he stated on Instagram. Min has five Lead World Cup medals to his name and has climbed 9a+(5.15a).

To do a side lever, start by learning a “human flag,” which involves putting both hands in line with each other on a bar or climbing holds and holding the body in horizontal position. To work up to this position, practice holding side planks and one-arm hangs while engaging the lower back and obliques. You will also need to be able to do strict pull-ups and should practice pike push-ups (a push-up with your feat elevated so that you are in an inverted L position and pushing your head away from the ground). Side levers are not easy, but working up to the position but it will get your body beach-ready. 😉

Happy Friday!


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