Friday Feat: Hip Mobility Challenge


Adeline (Ady) Wright, climbing instructor and setter at Central Rock Gym Manhattan, tests her mobility using a few methods posted by Olympic-qualified athlete Kyra Condie.

How do you warm-up? Most people use a combination of static and dynamic stretches, with static meaning holding a pose to stretch a muscle or group of muscles, and dynamic going through a repetition of movements to achieve the stretch.

Studies show that while static stretching is more effective than dynamic for increasing flexibility, static stretching before a session may inhibit muscle activation. Dynamic stretching, on the other hand, will increase neuromuscular recruitment and better set you up for success. Plus, if it’s sport-specific, as are the movements Wright is demonstrating for climbing, dynamic stretching may be helpful in not only increasing performance, but decreasing risk of injury.

These mobility exercises will aid in high-stepping, balance and coordination. Do them often, and they’ll likely improve your slab game. 

Happy Friday!



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