Friday Feat: Skating Into The Weekend


Philipp Martin turns a corner with a run-and-jump, in Einfach Klettern gym, in Germany.

Martin, 25, has been climbing since he could walk. His dad, Erwin Marz, introduced him to the sport and was Germany’s National lead climbing coach. Although Martin didn’t transition to competition climbing until he was 22, he is Germany’s 2020 Bouldering Champion.

In addition to being a professional climber, Martin is in a local police program, which supports competition sports, giving him time to train and compete in between classes. He will become a police officer when he moves on from competing.

To other climbers hoping to become professional competitors themselves, Martin offers this advice: “Don’t get frustrated from failure. Competitions aren’t always fun, but for the most part you should enjoy them. Take advice from everybody and decide what works for you the best.”

Happy Friday!



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