How to Make Liquid Chalk at Home


Due to the coronavirus, many climbing gyms are beginning to require that climbers use liquid chalk. Depending on the percentage of alcohol, liquid chalk may be an effective way to make sanitize your hands, but it can be expensive. A small container may cost upward of $20. Luckily, liquid chalk is cheap and easy to make at home. This simple process only takes a few minutes. We’re not chemists, but we recommend a two-to-one ratio of alcohol to chalk. 


To make, you will need:

-Magnesium carbonate or similar chalk (best if in powdered form)

-Isopropyl Alcohol (70% or higher)

-Mixing container


-Squeeze bottle or jar




Step 1:

Place desired amount of chalk into the mixing container.


Step 2:

Using the cup and spoon, crush the chalk into as fine a powder as possible.

Step 3:

Constantly stirring, pour the isopropyl alcohol into the chalk until reaching the consistency of toothpaste or yogurt.


Step 4:

Spoon the mixture into the squeeze bottle or jar


Step 5:

Go out and send your project!



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  • Beckett Aizeki is a climber of nine years from Boulder, Colorado. He is an intern at Rock and Ice, and currently working on his English degree from Metro State University. When he isn’t writing, you’re likely to find him 800 feet in the air in Eldorado, or Clear Creek Canyon.

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    • Michael Lesko

      I assume the ratio is by volume. Is this correct?

      • Delaney Miller

        Yes, that is correct!

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