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The first Lead World Cup of the season is already behind us and I just realized that this was my 4th consecutive win in Villars 🤯🤯🤩 Wasn’t sure if I was going to be in the best lead shape of my life but I felt great all weekend 😃 Don’t ask about the chalk bag thing cause I really don’t know what happened 🤣 Anyway, I have to say that I’m disappointed about the routesetting in the finals. This is not what we have been training for. Where are hard lead routes where you have to fight hard against the pump and not just climbing routes for the show? . 📸: @lukafonda @redbull @redbullsi #givesyouwings @fiveten_official #brandofthebrave @adidasterrex @camp1889 #campcassin #zavarovalnicatriglav @avtohisaklemencic #fordkaplus @postanivojak @sloveniaclimbing

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Pt. 2. I still have a lot of uncompleted competition dreams, and I won’t lie the draw to complete them is still fucking strong. Maybe the dreams won’t fade away anytime soon, but they do mean something different to me now. I no longer view them as an extension of what I do on the rock. That’s okay, but it’s no doubt in my mind there’s a facet of climbing I used to fill with competition that doesn’t exist for me anymore. It isn’t easy to reconcile the fact it might not be coming back anytime soon. Thank you to everyone who has helped sculpt my perspective on climbing, there’s a few people that stick out, and I respect you guys more than anyone else in the game. @tysonschoene @hordon22 @sirius_973 @dawoods89 @gregorvezonik @giuliano_cameroni @nathaniel.coleman @drewruana @zachgalla @karlclimbs, just to name a few. At the end of the day climbing is whatever you want it to be. And that’s pretty fucking cool. Typos and everything, that’s all I got. @blackdiamond

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And the game is over 😔 📷 @signarthur_

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WCL Chamonix: the result 10th. I believe I’ be been practising more than ever and prepared, but I could not climb well as I imagined in Semi-finals.* I was feeling disappointed after my bad climbing. Yet when I saw how beautifully finalists going up the wall, I understood I deserve my result. I am happy that I could find my weak points before World Championships.* * Hachioji Championships coming in 3 weeks. With my all experience, I will bring myself to the best for Lead, Bouldering and Speed.* * Thanks. —————————————— WCLシャモニーは10位でした。 今まで以上にリードのトレーニングをして準備してきたはずなのに、準決勝で全く自分らしい登りが出来ませんでした。準決勝が終わった後は後悔の気持ちもありましたが、ファイナリストの堂々とした登りをみていたら、妥当な順位だったと痛感しました。これが世界選手権ではなく、このタイミングでたくさんの反省点に気づけて良かったと思います。 * 3週間後の世界選手権🏆 これまで経験したことを生かして、リード、ボルダー、スピード、すべてにおいて過去最高の状態で臨みたいです!* * 応援ありがとうございました⭐️ * @au_official #大和証券 @thenorthfacejp @orientalbaio #三井不動産 @cowsoapcp #zeta @c3fit @lasportivajp @petzl_official @newhale_japan

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It always comes… DIFFERENT THAN YOU EXPECT! Two weeks ago one of my old wisdom teeth started bothering me a bit. As I went to the dentist I was told to let it operate soon (it has to be done by a surgeon as it is not standing straight) but that it still should work after the first few competitions, so I decided to do it after the World Championship. Anyways the dentist perscribed me some quite strong painkillers for any bad case. Different than expected, I had to start taking light painkillers already some days later, as the pain increased… And finally the night just before the qualification round in Villars, the pain became really strong and I could barely sleep 2 hours! Then the qualification day was just awful: I felt pretty sleepy and could only bear the day taking a higher dose of the strong painkillers than you actually should … and of course my performance was everything else than good: Each time, when I was doing more than a few moves in a row, my puls went extremly high and I got quickly out of steam! So I ended up on 27th place… Directly after that I decided to drive back to Germany and straight to the emergency. There they told me that my wisdom tooth has to be taken off as soon as possible (but that they would not have any possible date for a surgery before the 18th of July for me…) So they only opened the tooth and injected me a cocktail of painkillers and antibiotics directly into it in order to reduce the symptomps at least… But anyways it is really uncertain, if I will be able to do the next competitions in this way … and everyone who you ask (dentists, sportsmedicinists, …) is having a different opinion about it. And once again I am having to experience: Plans are never working out at the end! @scarpa_de @mantleclimbing . . . . . #noplacetoofar #gripismorethanjustpower

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