Route Setter


Indoor climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and at its heart is the route setter; a person whose job is to arrange holds onto the wall to create challenges for climbers. Whilst it appears a simple job, the route setter is part architect, part designer and part choreographer who has to draw upon creativity and ingenuity to create appealing, engaging and sometimes devious problems that test both the physical and mental faculties of the climber.

At the UK’s oldest dedicated climbing wall in the heart of London’s East End is Alexander Lemel who is at the vanguard of a new wave of route setters committed to pushing this exciting growing profession forward.

Now, as the sport prepares to make its debut on the Olympic stage, where audiences will bear witness to an audacious display of gravity defying movement, Route Setter tells the story of those who have helped shape the sport. 

This short film by Band of Birds, commissioned by Olympic wall builder Entre-Prises provides a glimpse of Alexander’s life and the commitment required to be the best at this demanding job.



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