The First Eight Olympic Athletes in Sport Climbing


The first eight athletes have qualified for Tokyo 2020! Thus far, there will be representatives from Slovenia, Japan, Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and the U.S. The first American to be invited is Brooke Raboutou (18), from Boulder, Colorado. 

In total, there will be 20 invited athletes per gender. The next Olympic qualifying event will be in Toulouse, France starting November 28.

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Feature Image by Eddie Fowke/IFSC



Women’s Qualified Athletes

  1. Janja GARNBRET (SLO)
  2. Akiyo NOGUCHI (JPN)
  3. Shauna COXSEY (GBR)
  4. Aleksandra MIROSLAW (POL)
  5. Miho NONAKA* (JPN) 
  6. Petra KLINGLER (SUI)
  7. Brooke RABOUTOU (USA)
  8. Jessica PILZ (AUT)


Men’s Qualified Athletes

  1. Tomoa NARASAKI (JPN)
  2. Jakob SCHUBERT (AUT)
  3. Rishat KHAIBULLIN (KAZ)
  4. Kai HARADA* (JPN) 
  5. Mickael MAWEM (FRA)
  6. Alexander MEGOS (GER)
  7. Ludovico FOSSALI (ITA)
  8. Sean MCCOLL (CAN)



*Invitation is provisional and up to Japan



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  • Delaney Miller is a three time U.S. Champion in the open Sports Climbing Series. In total, Miller has won 12 Championship titles between youth and adult, National and Pan-American competitions. She has three years of coaching experience and a degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University.

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    • tex

      What are your sources for the article? Can you provide links to them?
      I think you are wrong. Watching the IFSC competition videos, from what I could tell, it appears that the Japanese team have not determined all of their representatives yet.

    • tex

      Noguchi has been selected by the Japanese team. But I think their 2nd slot has not been selected yet.
      If I can find the place in the videos, where they talk about the Japanese team selection, I will provide the link.
      I could be wrong, since your info might be more up-to-date. But I think that Japan’s 2nd slot is still to be determined.

    • tex

      Sorry, I keep submitting before I finish. I probably also should have edited what I wrote more.
      Similarly, for the men’s, I think that only Tomoa Narasaki has qualified for the Olympics.

      • Delaney Miller

        Hey Tex! You are correct in that only Narasaki and Noguchi are confirmed, however Nonaka and Harada are qualified if Japan decided to invite them.

    • Lars

      Pretty sure just the first 7 athletes qualified….

      • Delaney Miller

        Hey Lars! Sorry for the confusion. 8 athletes are qualified, however the second Japanese athletes (Nonaka and Harada) may not get invites. Time will tell.

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