Visuals: Canadian Youth Bouldering National Championships


Canada’s 2020 Youth Bouldering Nationals took place February 15-17 at The Hive in Vancouver. Visuals and podium results are below.


Logan Jones, Youth A Male 2
Riley Galloway, Youth A Female 3
Manh Ellis, Junior
Connor Louis, Junior Male 2
Lily Trottier, Youth A Female 3
Brielle Zacharias, Junior Female 3
Morgan Leckie, Junior Female 1
Mateja Vukojevic,Youth A Female 3
TJ Foley, Youth A Male 1
Megan Bokenfohr, Junior Female 1
Guy McNamee, Junior Male 2
Sonya Colliander, Youth A Female 4
Riley Galloway, Youth A Female 1
Semis Iso
Ezra Bowden, Junior Male 2
Lola Rabinovitch, Junior Female 1
Mateja Vukojevic, Youth A Female 4
Makayla-Skye Koci, Youth A Female 4
Paige Boklaschuk, Junior Female 1
Lily Trottier, Youth A Finals
Yinki Ying, Junior Female 1
Kindar McNamee, Junior Male 3
Hugo Valence, Youth A Male 4
Manh Ellis, Junior Male 3
Kindar McNamee, Junior Male 4
Ruby Tennen, Junior Female 4
Youth B Female Podium – Alexa Vanier (left), Evangelina Briggs (center), Jacqueline Ho (right)
Youth B Male Podium – Dylan Le (left), Oscar Baudrand (center), Emmanuel Derima (not present)
Youth A Female Podium – Riley Galloway (left), Sydney Park (center), Tula Sherkat (right)
Youth A Male Podium – Victor Baudrand (left), Ethan Hoffman (centre), Jaxson Macdonald (right)
Junior Female Podium – Ruby Tennen (left), Paige Boklaschuk (center), Brielle Zacharias (right)
Junior Male Podium – Zach Richardson (left), Kindar McNamee (center), Guy McNamee (right)

Feature Image Jaxson Macdonald, Youth A Male 1


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